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100% plant
based meat

We create alternatives to meat that are plant-based, delicious, nourishing and sustainable.

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All the benefits of meat without the animal.

Your fillets just got better!

Plant Based

All our products are 100% plant-based but taste like exact animal meat

Rich in Protein

All our products are very rich in protein to enhance your energy levels

Zero Cholesterol

Unlike the animal meat, all our products contain no cholesterol for good health

Cruelty Free

The only ethical choice is to treat animals as Our friends and not as Our food

Eating for your health- plant-based diets are rich in protein and can be beneficial for weight management, diabetes, and the microbiome. It also helps prevent various health issues like hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Why We Do It

We believe that delicious food
comes with a clean conscience.

Mock Chicken Chunks

Juicy plant-based chicken chunks made from soy protein textured veg protein.

Semi-cooked | Non-GMO | Certified by FSSAI | 18g protein/per 100g

Ideal in

  • Chicken Curry

  • Chicken Biriyani

  • Chicken Chukka

  • Chicken Pakoda

  • Chicken Masala

  • Chicken Fry

  • Chicken Stir Fry

  • Chicken Fry

Mock Prawns

Suitable for both Indian & Oriental cuisine, our vegan shrimp has a similar look, mouthfeel & taste as the real shrimp.

Semi-cooked | Non-GMO | Certified by FSSAI | 2.48g protein/per 100g

Ideal in

•  Prawn Fry

• Prawn Masala

Mock Mutton

Enjoy our plant-based chicken lollipop along with any dip of your choice.

Semi-cooked | Non-GMO | Certified by FSSAI | 18g protein/per 100g

Ideal in

Mutton Curry

All Traditional Mutton Dishes

Our Products

Reimagine the Art of Meatmaking

Better meat for a better planet.

We are on a mission to create a more humane and sustainable food system without compromising on taste and quality.

Minimize Land Use

Reduces animal agriculture, reduces carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission.

Conserve Water

The water footprint is reduced by up to 55% by a meat-free diet.

Reduce GHGE

Plant meat avoids the vast majority of food sector greenhouse gas emissions.

Save Lives

Eating more plants could prevent premature deaths and save lives.

How We Do It

What Our Fans Say

“The taste is rich and the texture is perfect.”

Excellent taste, as good as real meat, and I couldn't find any difference. I strongly recommend it.


“Amazing!! feel of a real meat”

It is one of the best products and gives the same feeling as eating meat while contributing to our environment.


"The best meat alternative in the market."

I am glad it is available locally, and I enjoyed eating it.

Charles Fabian

Cooking with PeacOnPlate

Craving pizza or vegan lasagna? Let's get cooking!

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In Plants We Trust

Our innovative technology leverages the secret power of plants to produce meat protein alternative without the downside of factory farming, lactose, hormones or antibiotics.

Our Partners

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