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Vegan Starters

Vegan Kheema Ball

Our Bite-sized pieces are Golden and crispy on the outside, tender & juicy on the inside, making it a showstopper on any occasion. ​

Vegan Chicken Cutlet

Juicy plant-based minced chicken cutlet coated in a perfectly seasoned, light and crispy batter.

Vegan Spring Roll

Our crispy vegan spring rolls come in two versions- Chicken & mutton.

Vegan Fish Fingers

Perfect for game time, lunchtime, dinners, or a delicious snack in between. Serve them hot with tartar sauce and fries for a full vegan Fish & chips experience. 

Vegan Kheema Samosa

Infused with the right amount of minced mutton along with other spices, this Kheema samosa makes you drool for more. 

Vegan Chicken Lollipop

Succulent, juicy, highly versatile plant-based mutton pieces that can replace meat in various well-known dishes.

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